BB302 Finn bark blower



The Finn BB302 bark blower is an outstanding, highly productive machine. Easily operated by two people, (one loading and one blowing). It can easily do the work of an entire 10 person landscape crew within a day. The Finn BB302 bark blower has a 1 1/2 yard hopper able to blow various types of material from bark (Wet or dry) to compost, top soil etc.

Remember we sell bulk mulch by the yard!

Rent the Finn BB302 bark blower and see why it has become one of the highest productivity devises to hit the landscape market today. It will save you money and cut down on overhead, labor, materials not to mention labor costs and time.

The Finn BB302 offers a 150' spool of hose with an additional 50' to be added if needed. The Finn BB302 has a 38HP Kubota diesel engine able to power though even the toughest wet material.

Rent the Finn BB302 Bark blower and see for yourself. Or ask to see it in action at our facility. it is truly an unbelievable machine.