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Hydro mulch, Tackifiers and Growth Enhancers

We are the master distributor for Applegate products in our surrounding Baltimore/Washington DC area. Applegate products offer an consistent, reliable and cost saving product.

Applegate Premium Mulch
Applegate Premium (with our without tack), in our Low-Density 33 lb. Bag loads and mixes quickly in any machine, increasing your productivity and profits! Get better germination than "pourable" and "palletized" products because it's real mulch!

Got massive amounts of ground to cover? Designed for mechanically agitated this machine, Hydro-LokŪ loads and mixes quickly. You'll get great coverage and color in this economically priced cellulose mulch.

Mulch Medic
Make every load a custom load with Applegate's Mulch Medic line of additives. Check out our line up of Tackifiers, Growth Enhancers, Dust Controllers, and other products that will make your machine purr.


Need more info on sediment control products contact us.