Sediment Control Filter Bags or Sediment Bags

(Also known as a Dirtbagļæ½, Silt Bag, Filter Bag etc.)

A Sediment bag is used when diverting a stream, pumping a pond or other body of water out.

Our filter bags are manufactured in house by our production team. Standard sizes that we manufacture are, 30' x 15', 15' x 15', 7.5' x 7.5', 12.6' x 12.6', 6.3' x 6.3' or custom sizes are made to order.

The fabric is comprised of a heavy non-woven Linq® filter cloth and double lock stitched for extra security.

Our units come with an incorporated snout for the discharge hose from the pump to be placed into and a securing nylon cinch strap to secure the hose into place.

Once the sediment laden bag is to capacity it is easily disposed of based upon your local enforcement agency or an approve location by the sediment Inspector.

We also, rent rolloff dumpsters to place the units it, once filled, you can keep stacking the empty bags on top of the filled bags. Once the dumpster is half filled full, you give us a call and we arrive and dispose of all the silt laden bags..

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