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Super Silt Fence

  • Super Silt fence is a severe duty reinforced type
    of silt fence
  • Super silt fence utilizes the latest in erosion control technologies
  • We sell the individual super silt fence components or offer as a package
  • Super Silt fence consists of the following products and options:
    • Chain Link Fence
      2" and 2 3/8" opening size, x 42" height x 50' in length. Hot dipped galvanized chain link Gauge sizes stocked- 6ga (.192), 9ga (.148)
    • Galvanized Pipe
      2 1/2" diameter x 6' in length
      The wall thickness sizes stocked- DOT Scedule-40 (.131), Standard Scedule-20 (.095) and Economy Schedule-15 (.065)
    • Fabrics
      Class "F" MDE filter cloth 50", Class "A" filter cloth 72" and Mirafi Nicotarp or MCF1212 Impermeable geotextile for stream diversion
    • Attaching devises
      Galvanized hemps "clean cut" hog rings (to attach fabric to chain link)
      Aluminum pipe ties(3 per post) to attach chain link to pipe



Installation of super silt fence is as follows for most State and County requirements

  1. Dig a trench nine inches wide by nine inches in depth unless otherwise directed
  2. Place post ten foot on center driven into the trench three feet in depth
  3. Place super silt fence chain link into ditch on the uphill side of the post, prevailing water flow side
  4. Attach the super silt fence chain link to the post with pipe ties, three per post
  5. Make sure to keep the super silt fence chain link taught for uniformity and less sagging
  6. Attach filter cloth fabric to the face of the super silt fence chain link (on prevailing side) place filter cloth fabric to the bottom of the super silt fence chain link and lap eight inches of the fabric over the top of the chain link and attach fabric on the back side in one foot intervals Install Hint, when over lapping the chain link at the pipe cut the fabric centering the pipe to the top of the super silt fence chain link, it helps to have a cleaner, more professional look.
  7. Back fill the ditch, compacting the soil tightly to the face of the super silt fence chain link and filter cloth fabric to help keep from water turbidity undermining the super silt.

Benefits of using Super silt fence

  • Sediment retention, with out collapse or blow out as regularly seen with most standard silt fences
  • Gradual water displacement without water retention as compared to silt ponds which attracts mosquitoes, trash accumulation, stench, over growth and life long high maintenance. Not to mention greatly adding to initial jobsite costs and land usage
  • Super silt fence is, in relevance to Sediment ponds substantially Lower in cost
  • Minimal surrounding vegetation disturbance
  • Very easily removed upon job completion, and some times reusable

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